Casino MIRA offers you players Rating system. The purpose of which is to provide the most active players with special privileges.

If you bet, you will be definitely credited with VIP – points. The higher the amount of bet, the more points you get. $3 bet = 1 VIP – Points.

VIP – points determine your status, valid for one month, or a year – if you score 75000 VIP – points or more.

Also, for your adherence to Casino MIRA, there are extra benefits provided. The higher your status is, the higher is the multiplier coefficient of accrued VIP – points.

Let’s consider the example

You’ve just registered in Casino MIRA, your status is Iron. After earning 1000 VIP – points/month, you get a new status Bronze. Along with it you get a multiplier 1.07 which increases the speed of earning points to 10%.

Now, for $3 bet you receive 1.1 VIP – points. So, the higher status you get, the higher is your multiplier.

If you earn 75 000 VIP – points or more, you are assigned an annual status with the highest coefficients. This status will be assigned to you all next year, and you can calmly plan your game.

Casino MIRA rating system – a pledge of increasing your own bankroll.

* VIP – points are not credited for playing in all kinds of roulette and BlackJack.