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Nell J. Ryan

Nell J. Ryan

I am very impressed by the customer service team who made sure that all my doubts are cleared.

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Sarah J. Murry

They have some of the wide variety of slot games which allowed me to have a better chance at winning.

Raymond S. Goodwin

Raymond S. Goodwin

They have a very smooth functioning software which was very easy to understand and as I was beginner it was much easier for me.

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What To Look For While Buying Poker Chips

Poker chips, often known as tokens or checks, are widely used instead of cash in even the lowest stakes home games. These small discs which are easy-to-handle make the game flow faster. Custom chips are a worthwhile investment. Not only do they minimize someone's liability for counterfeiting or 'running chips into the play' but also to enhance the overall quality of any home game.

History of Poker Chips

Poker rooms in the 19th century allowed players to play with coins, gold nuggets and other valuable items. It was challenging to settle game balances in the absence of a standardized unit. Over time, gaming rooms embraced the idea of poker chips. Casinos eventually started producing unique clay chips. Hence, modern-day poker chips have emerged. These chips are manufactured commercially and can not be reproduced easily.

Factors to consider before buying Poker Chips

1.      Quantity of Poker Chips

It is possible to buy poker chips in sets (100 to 1000 are common) or per chip. Whether you're buying a package or individual chips, you're going to need a general idea of how many chips to order. You want sufficient chips to cover the number of players. The recommended amount is:
  • 200 Chips for four players
  • 400 Chips for six players
  • 600 Chips for eight players
  • 800 Chips for 10+ players

2.      Denominations (colour)

There are too many colours in most cheap chipsets. Follow the lead of the casino and have a total of four. Regardless of the level you play, this colour scheme will work:
  • WHITE - 1 unit
  • RED - 5 units
  • GREEN - 25 units
  • BLACK - 100 units
It's the same colour scheme as most card rooms. This makes it easy to remember, and also makes the change from casino to the home game — or vice versa — easier.

3.      Type of Poker Chips

There are mainly four kinds of chips: chips
  1. Plastic Poker Chips: There are two types of popular plastic poker chips available. The cheapest is the set in a round carrier that is commonly found. These plastic chips can be purchased in any major chain store, will suffice if you play friendly ' kitchen table ' poker. The second is plastic-made diamond chips, but regular casino size and a little heavier than the cheaper plastic chips.
  2. Composite Poker Chips: This is the most commonly purchased poker chip used in regular home games. These are sold in chain stores as well and always come with a dealer key, card deck and cut coin.
  3. Ceramic Poker Chips: They have a smooth feel of porcelain and are used in numerous casinos. Its main advantage is that they can be graphically designed with details that you can not reproduce on other chip types.
  4. Clay Poker Chips: Clay chips are the most expensive type of chips available, mostly used in casinos. They are generally considered to be the best quality chips.

Tips for Earning Complimentary Casino Services

In casino lingo, comps are complimentary items and services that are usually given out by casinos to encourage and motivate players to gamble more. Generally, the amount and quality of comps offered to a player depends on a mix of factors: which game(s) they play, how much they bet, and for how long they play. Many casinos have casino hosts to hand out free items and contact players to bring them back to the casino. In table games, pit bosses can also award comps. Many casinos also encourage players to obtain a club or similar card from a player to monitor their play and award comps.

Levels of Comps

poker Free alcohol and other drinks are the lowest levels of comp offered at most casinos. Most casinos offer free beverages to anyone who is playing games. Complimentary self-parking, lounge access, or free meals are the second level of comp that many players earn. Many casinos have several lounges and restaurants for players and may require more game time to win a comp for higher-end restaurants. Free valet parking, free hotel rooms, and open access to more exclusive VIP or "high roller" lounges are typically the next tier of comps. Many players receiving hotel rooms receive a package that includes room, food, and beverages. Many casinos offer other comps, especially to high rollers. These include reimbursement for flights, limo rides, show tickets, golf, free valet parking, cashback, loss rebates, private gaming areas, and private jet service.

How to Earn Complimentary Services

  1. Getting the best deals: Always review the special offers with the staff. If you live in a place where there are so many casinos, then take advantage of online websites to make your job easy.
  2. Sign up with your Email ID: Register with your email ID at the resort casinos' official websites to receive emails about their monthly offers, activities, and so on. Players could also receive some exclusive coupons to their email ID occasionally.
  3. Playing on special days: Occasionally, casinos will have very slow days as well. Playing on these days will also help you earn free items and free services. Many casinos offer you many bonus points to play on specific days. Take maximum advantage and play on such days.
  4. Be Pleasant: Always play with peace of mind. Stop getting distracted for silly reasons. In short, be pleasant and try to build a good rapport with your co-players there. Also, be friendly with the Pit Boss there. Note that even a little help from the Pit Boss help can make a big difference in your game.
  5. Use your points: Even the best casino has their player tracking technology configured so that after one year or so, the unused points expire. So, always remember to use them before you lose them.

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